STYLE GURU STYLE: The Sleeping-Bag Coat

Cold winter mornings in Oregon have always been the bane of my existence because it means trying to find a warm enough outfit that competes with the warm bed you just got forced yourself out of. This task may have just gotten a lot easier thanks to the new trend of “Sleeping Bag Coats.” I know what you are thinking, “A coat that doubles as a sleeping bag?” Fortunately, it’s not too good to be true.

Taking inspiration from the fall 2015 ready-to-wear Moschino runway show, I have added the look of puffy parka jackets (often referred to as “sleeping-bag coats”) to my everyday style. I was really intrigued by Moschino’s runway show because I love how they incorporated an everyday clothing item, like a jacket during the winter, and made it fun with different colors while pairing it with a variety of outfits. They had different models wearing many different lengths, colors and styles of puffy “sleeping bag jackets” which intrigued me that they are a very versatile item to add to any Fashionistas closet.

I incorporated the “sleeping-bag coat” look into my closet by buying a simple black mid-length puffy jacket that I could wear with my everyday outfit. I like the black jacket because I can match it with a casual going-to-class outfit or also wear it when I dress up for a night on the town. I like to pair my black jacket with a warm sweater dress during the winter, double the warmth and comfort. When wearing a mid- length jacket, I usually like to wear short booties to complement the jacket going all the way to your knees. I love the colorful Moschino jackets and eventually want to get a fun colored jacket to spice up my closet but a black jacket is a good starting point for anyone who loves this new trend as much as me. Getting out of bed for class isn’t half bad when you know your jacket will be as cozy as your comforter.

Get My Look: 1. Any black “sleeping-bag” coat.  2. Warm black booties. 3. A sweater dress.