There are two major theories in fashion that I like to live by. The first one is that the most important color in your wardrobe is no color. Black, the absence of all colors, is a staple to have in one’s closet. A black piece can go a long way and, therefore, is a staple. The second theory I live by would have to be the motto “less is more.” Though it may seem to be the cliché college student mantra, the best looks often happen when you effortlessly put pieces together rather than meticulously, and gaudily, create an outfit. One designer show captured these two central ideas this season would have to be Tom Ford’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection.

Tom Ford is a curator of timeless pieces with his fall 2015 collection being no exception. Ford mastered the technique of creating elegant garments that the everyday person can wear and translate into their own wardrobe, which is a concept that is sometimes lost when assessing the fashion industry. The majority of his looks were comprised of black items paired with neutral or cools tones. An emphasis on detail was not in the garments themselves, but in the accessories. I would categorize most of the looks in the collection as either being evening wear, “punk rock meets urban” or eclectic animal prints. Though it sounds odd, Tom Ford was able to make it work and took viewers on an interesting journey.

Inspired by one of his neutral and black looks, I decided to create the classic look of the “little black dress,” but with a twist. I paired a classic, black tank top dress with a camel vest, similar to some of the brown tones and patterns found in the collection. Since I kept my items of clothing basic, I wanted my shoes to be funky. I was able to bring out these crocodile patterned boots and wore a gold chain necklace that my friend picked up for me while traveling abroad in France. However, if you know me, my outfits always have to have a pop of color. The one I chose happened to my favorite: MAC’s Viva Glam Red! Sometimes, it really is the little details that can motivate you to be a little better than you were yesterday.

Get My Look: 1. A black dress. 2. A classic vest. 3. A funky pair of boots or patterned shoes of your choice.