STYLE GURU STYLE: The Queen of Pink

February 14th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: The Queen of Pink

As February rolls around every girl in the world thinks of one thing. Valentine’s Day. The day where you expect roses, chocolate, and a lot of love. There are so many different ways to celebrate! You are either dressing up, dressing casual, or let’s be real here, dressing in pajamas. We all want to impress our significant other, or that cutie you have a crush on. For some, like me, I will probably be going on a date with my best girl friends and celebrating love for our confident girl boss-selves! This look is super girly, fun, and flirty. You can wear this out to see that sappy love story at your nearest movie theater, or even grabbing coffee with your crush. You do not want to over due it, but you also do not want to look under dressed.

To start the look off, a black body suit is the staple. These are primarily inexpensive, and look flattering with boyfriend denim, high-waisted shorts, and as pictured, a high-waisted skirt. This skirt is a must have for any girl who loves the fashion on Scream Queens. The skirt is pleated, and pink. What more could you ask for in a skirt?

Adding this bomber jacket adds some funky flare to this super adorable ensemble. If you love being bold, bright, and different this jacket is made for you. Literally! It may look intimating, but it is super easy to wear. The oversized rose gold bomber jacket will put the spotlight right on you and is bound to get you a least a million likes on Instagram. If you want to wear your bomber jacket over tight shirts, I would suggest getting it in a few sizes up, so you can master that effortless chic look.

The shoes are current and pull everything together. I call them the ballerina heels. These heels are in a blush-toned mauve and are really easy to pair anything with, especially when you are needing that subtle pop of color in your outfit. Mauve is a color I have been seeing everywhere, so it is bound is be a big color this year in 2017! The jewelry I decided to pair is a edgy choker with super fun pink jewels detailed on. I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with showers of love and cute new shoes!