STYLE GURU STYLE: The Bigger, The Better

Every day I wake up and look at all of my social media (obviously). Then I head downstairs to start my day by grabbing coffee and checking the weather. I’ve learned to layer up…and leave an extra wardrobe in my on campus locker at work. Of course, this oversized denim shirt (that I found for two dollars in the men’s department at a thrift store) is a key part of my closet. For me, Frame Denim’s fall 2015 collection is perfect. Oversized layers AND denim on denim? Maybe heaven is a place on earth or at least a place in Fashion Week.

To prepare for the spring weather, I got to rock some of my favorite pieces. I live for high-waisted shorts in the warm weather, giving some emphasis on my waist. With soft, high-waisted shorts, curves appear on nearly everybody. Plus, they’re trending on every major fashion icon (okay, so maybe Taylor Swift is single-handedly carrying it). With a huge shirt covering my body, I’m prepared for a breeze down by the ponds covering UNCW and professors who don’t know how to work the AC system.

My shoes are simple staples, great for speed walking to class or racing to meet a friend for lunch. My sunglasses are stolen from my sister. But they offer the perfect opportunity for me to step outside of my comfort zone with a new trend or style. Haters can’t see me; I can’t see them.

Get My Look: 1. High-waisted shorts. 2. Flat sandals. 3. Light jewelry. 4. An oversized denim shirt.