STYLE GURU STYLE: That '70s Blues

Welcome back, ‘70s! The decade might have come and gone but its impact on the fashion world and pop culture shall forever remain with us. Big hair, high waists, swooping bell-bottoms, bold colors, tightly fitted tops, chokers—these are some of the staples that defined that era and today, we still celebrate the prominent fashion era that was the 1970s (and we’re not even complaining). Paying tribute to the epoch of free love and good vibes, Frame Denim’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection captures the classic ‘70s American girl vibe, proving again, that Retro is the new modern.

Tapping into the nostalgic current that has been ever present since the come-back of all things old school, I decided to recreate an outfit inspired by Flare Denim’s collection. In this look, I paired my super hip H&M flare high waist jeans with a matching striped crop top and a black pair of strapped flat sandals. I accessorized with a makeshift elastic choker that made me feel like I actually rolled out of ‘70s high school movie poster (a fabulous one, at that!). Bringing in a little bit of funk to the outfit, I added a gold-plaited chunky bracelet and a few rings.

Style is not defined by current trends or what’s on the street that season. It is whatever you make of it—no restrictions. There rules to what is right or wrong because everybody is allowed to be their own trend setter. The limit does not exist.

Get My Look: 1. H&M flare high waist jeans. 2. Striped crop top. 3. Choker. 4. Chunky gold-plaited bracelet.