STYLE GURU STYLE: Taking A Crack At Neo-Grunge

Valentino Red has perfected a look for their fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Like many have concluded, bringing back staple looks from other fashion decades is a trend that the fashion world is holding onto dearly and this collection is no different. What I find to be the most interesting about this collection is that it isn’t static. There’s a dynamic underlying theme to this collection and it’s that there is no one particular look they’re trying to recreate with new eyes. Some of their looks hold onto the grit of the ’90s with flannel and furs while other looks are reminiscent of what a collector’s doll would wear. There is no purposeful push for either the refined grime of a new-age grunge movement or for the more classic look of a late twentieth century “good girl” but the balanced mix is a sight to see.

Today I decided that I would play to the edgier side of this collection. I played up to the multi-patterned trend with a thick flannel jacket that is similar to the flannel shirts worn in some of the looks. I then wore something to combat the cold, which came in the form of my hat and checkered scarf. Both provide warmth and an urban extension to the outfit which is also carried out by my Dr. Marten boots. The striped romper adds the girly and prim characteristics to this outfit that is carried out by florals and character patches on the outfits worn by the models.

This outfit is one that keeps the hope for warm weather alive while also maintaining a sane level of clothing as to not freeze. Plus it’s a really easy take on high fashion pieces that aren’t always so simple to translate into everyday life. Sure, this look is one that isn’t for everyone but the idea is basic in that taking things from past decades and making them modern is a great way to keep your wardrobe alive and intriguing.

Get My Look: 1. Combat boots. 2. Anything flannel. 3. A basic or off the wall pair of tights. 4. A romper.