STYLE GURU STYLE: Tailored Rebellion

Hey you! Welcome back! Now that you’ve gotten to know me better on a elevator pitch level, I’m going to get raw and personal. Style. The definition of it holds different to everyone, and it’s as personal as you can get. Despite the constant major trends in fashion that serve as a general outline of the zeitgeist of the time, individual style is the most visual representation of the environment(s) that you grew up in and is all-inclusive to the attributes that make up who you are today.

Tailored Rebellion. The two words don’t necessarily go together, but it also describes who I am in the simplest of terms. Tailored is my past. Rebellion is my future, and at the present I’m a mix of both. Whatever I wear incorporates these two elements, whether it is in the details or it is the whole outfit itself like this one.

I prefer having a structured shape as the base, with the details and supplemental modifications providing that edge I so crave. For this outfit I chose a white, mesh, T-shirt dress paired with a asymmetrical pleather pencil skirt as the foundation and threw on a oversized blazer to soften the look. Underneath I wore my lace bralette, but the fun part of this shirt is that you can actually show your funky bralettes/bras while not feeling completely exposed. To accessorize I layered a silver chain choker with a silver pendant and opted for a mix of chunky rings. On my feet I wore my knee-highs so I wouldn’t be showing too much leg and burgundy creepers that help me not get mistaken for a 12-year-old because of how short I am. I went bold and colorful with my makeup with my red lips and pink cheeks and of course my winged liner. To wrap up the look, I went for an messy, rolled out of bed this morning hairstyle because no matter how I do my hair, the Georgia heat will always manage to get it back at this state anyways.

My life has never been what you would call “glamorous” or “fabulous.” Which is totally fine, for now. I grew up in a very conservative southern household and environment. My parents provided enough so that I could end up getting little financial aid. I’ve always been thankful for what I’ve been blessed with, but there’s no denying that I’ve lived a very average life that seemed so pre-fabricated. I became desperate for some edge and throughout time I found that I could release this side of me through fashion. As my style formulated I found my sense of authenticity within my synthetic parameters.

Now that you know me, I can’t wait to introduce you to the crazy and stylish students of UGA. So stay tuned and I’ll see you soon!