From the oversized clothing to bomber jackets left and right, designers were looking for some major street cred. Street life is a trend that gave the runway a new attitude, urban fashion gone couture. In my outfit I took inspiration from rag & bone’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear. In urban fashion, there is an abundance of ways to style an outfit but two key items that stem from the style are bomber jackets and sneakers. The line had a major sense of athleisure with their use of a clean and proper style combined with a street staple.

For my outfit, I thought about other ways to bring urban fashion into a clean look. I decided to take some additional inspiration from R&B singer, Aaliyah. The singer was the original trendsetter of street life in her use of making masculine oversized clothing look feminine. However, what  probably became most iconic was her use of the bandana. The bandana adds a small dose of street style to a clean look.

Rag & Bone left their color scheme simple with black, white, gray, navy blue and pops of color. While keeping the color scheme simple, the brand focused on their use of texture and design. I did the same with my own look; I kept my color scheme to a simple black and white. I personally feel that black and white can make your overall look cleaner when going for a polished look. To keep the look simple and add an element of preppy, I wore a white buttoned blouse.

One of the things that I loved about this runway show was the use of mesh and cutouts. This added a bit of an edge to the look that kept it interesting. When you think of street life or urban fashion, you often picture a rough around the edges and tough look. I wanted to keep that concept apparent in my look. To keep it from looking too polished I added my favorite ripped jeans for a sense of edge. Now, what is urban fashion without a nice sneaker to finish the look off? I went for a classic pair of adidas that stuck with the color scheme of white and black.

Get My Look: 1. A bandana. 2. A sneaker. 3. Your favorite pair of black denim or maybe even a pair of slim cropped pants. if you want a more polished look.