STYLE GURU STYLE: Springing into Style

STYLE GURU STYLE: Springing into Style

There is honestly nothing better than walking outside and realizing you don’t need to have your giant winter coat covering your cute outfit anymore. Since the spring weather is quickly arriving, all the new spring trends are, too. We no longer have to be all bundled up and too lazy to wear something fashionable while the snow is piling up around us. Finally, we can actually partake in these upcoming trends and try to seem like we know what we’re doing!

My personal style doesn’t really fall into one category. I like to think of my closet as a revolving door of pieces from every category. The quilted rust-colored bomber I’m sporting, I actually found in my mom’s closet that she wore in the ’90s. I love finding pieces that are eclectic and different, and contrasting them with ones that are trendier and more current, like the Brandy Melville Rolling Stones band T-shirt I have on underneath. Especially in the spring, layers are the way to go when you’re freezing on your way to class in the morning, and by the afternoon all you want to do is jump in the snowbank you hated earlier. That’s why I threw on the flannel with this outfit, the addition perfectly complementing my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag.

One of the biggest upcoming trends right now that I am loving is the distressing of the hem of your jeans. I think this gives such a cool look, and spices up your basic skinny jeans. You don’t even need to go and spend a crazy amount of money on this trend either, even though it may be tempting. I got the pair I’m wearing from American Eagle Outfitters for a good price and lasting quality. White sneakers are always a must for spring whether it be your favorite pair of Converse, Vans, or Adidas. They are always going to add that bit of freshness to your overall look. Spring has sprung Fashionistas!

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