STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring Into Spring

STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring Into Spring

Even though its technically still winter, this past month has felt incredibly warm. There is no better feeling than the rush of leaving your apartment and wearing a light jacket. Spring is fast approaching and it is definitely time for some wardrobe adjustments. Who says global warming isn’t a thing?

The reason why I fall in love with autumn and spring is because they are what I call the in-between seasons. During these months, the outfits are so much easier to assemble and the options are endless. Still don’t know what to wear when the day’s weather ranges? Light layers and cool classics are Fashionistas’ lifesavers.

This category is one of my favorites because it combines my personal style tips as well as showing you guys examples of what I’m suggesting in my articles. It’s so much fun to get a hands on experience of styling, photographing, and writing these pieces. That being said, here are some tips that I can’t live without during the transition into spring!

Leather jackets, leather jackets, and more leather jackets. A girl can never have too many of them. Ranging from beige to cobalt blue and back to the classic black, they are a staple in every Fashionista’s outfit. Not only do they provide some safety from the tumultuous winds that the changing of seasons may bring about, but they also add a glam detail to every outfit. Cigarette pants are a fun alternative to jeans and can be worn more casually if paired with a fun sneaker, like I’ve done here.  

This top was actually sold as a dress, but I threw it together with this look and it actually worked! Experimenting with different types of clothing can sometimes make a perfect pairing.