‘Tis the season for finals, cozy sweaters, too much coffee (never too much) and holiday madness. With all these things going on, it can be totally hard to keep your life together let alone think of a super fabulous outfit to wear. It’s in these times when one can be very tempted to throw on the old faithful yoga pants and sweatshirt situation. I myself have been in a bit of an outfit slump, when nothing looks as good on as I want it to and I am just longing for a wardrobe revamp. When I am ever so close to giving up and just about to wear a fuzzy blanket, I will play with the pieces I have and make something totally new to me. It then becomes this fun challenge to make something fab when I am feeling ever so drab.

For this outfit, I looked to Alexander Wang’s pre-fall 2016 collection which was chock-full of feminine pieces, but with some added edge. With lots of interesting layers and textures this collection drew me in. Many of the looks were topped with a beanie and it totally changed the mood to this cool girl vibe. For me, I started with my black pencil skirt, and thinking about how I could dress it down and make it feel more casual so pairing that with one of my fave graphic T-shirts was a must. Then to add a little bit of interest to my look, I tied one of my go-to sweaters around my waist, this made my outfit feel less dressy and added that sporty edge along with my platform sneakers. A classic long wool coat is great to keep things cohesive and of course for its practical purposes like, say, for warmth maybe. The cherry on top of this outfit was my blue beanie, it really added that effortless touch and is always handy to cover a not so Beyoncé hair day.

All these things combined made for that edgy cool girl effortless look, but still saying feminine and of course comfortable, which is what we all really want. A great outfit perfect for a wide variety of occasions; from exams, parties, latte sipping or for a much needed shopping spree. You will most certainly be set and ready to take on whatever the holiday’s can throw at you.

Get My Look: 1. A long wool coat. 2. Beanie. 3. Sneakers. 4. Pencil skirt. 5. Graphic T-shirt.