STYLE GURU STYLE: Simple Styling

Every fashion week I make it a mission to see the shows of designers I don’t know. In the media, it seems we hear the same few names frequently but there’s something fun about trying to find lesser known designers. One show recently that I enjoyed was Derek Lam pre-fall 2015. While he isn’t a completely unknown designer his work is new to me. For his collection I loved the classic pieces he showed and the simplistic styling of each look.

The simple silhouettes of the collection were really inspiring. I tried to achieve this simplicity by mixing classic pieces in a neutral color scheme. I personally love layering so I chose to pair a flowy cardigan with a button-down and jeans. These pieces are so simple but when mixed together the look comes across as put together and casual. Classic pieces are a great addition to any Fashionista’s wardrobe as they’re perfect to layer together or can be worn alone.

The color scheme of the collection was also admirable. Since I’m not usually prone to wearing bold colors I chose four neutral colors to base my look around: green, white, blue and brown. In my personal style I mix neutral colors in most of my looks but I also like to incorporate patterns. My sense of style really comes through the polka-dot pattern of my button-down shirt. Neutral patterns are great because without strong color they can be integrated into many looks. My outfit is finished off with a pair of simple brown mock oxford lace-up booties.

Get My Look: 1. A patterned button-down. 2. A pair of high-waisted jeans. 3. A neutral cardigan.