May 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

The fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection from Roland Mouret was a breath of fresh air. Dark hues punctuated by unexpected vibrant colors. Sleek silhouettes with unexpected twists. Mouret made fall dressing look both classic and innovative. The impeccable tailoring gave the clothes a feminine and chic look. There were no bulky shapes to overwhelm the frame. Flattering A-line skirts, dresses and pants dotted the runway. Even the coats were swingy and feminine. The chic silhouettes gave Mouret the perfect canvas for some innovative designing. The clothes were mostly shades of black and gray, but unexpected pops of color added interest. Bright orange, deep purple, periwinkle blue and vibrant red were intertwined throughout the line. The color combinations sound odd, but trust me they worked and looked amazing. Mouret also gave off a sporty vibe by adding geometric patterns and sheer inserts to the clothes.

My favorite part was his incorporation of sheer paneling to the outfits. The word “sheer” in regards to fashion gives me flashbacks to grungy ’90s fashion, but Mouret managed to make sheer look chic. On this rainy day, I decided to wear a cozy black and red flannel with some Houndstooth rainboots. After checking out Mouret’s collection, I didn’t want to go with a normal pair of jeans so I opted for some black sheer paneled leggings. The black color tied together with the rest of the outfit, but the sheer paneling added an unexpected element to the outfit. To accessorize, I added a black fedora and a jeweled necklace for some sparkle.

This fall 2015 show inspired me to add sheer styles to my fashion arsenal. It is a daring and edgy trend, but it can be worn in surprisingly chic ways.

Get My Look: 1. A perfect flannel. 2. Cool sheer paneled leggings. 3. Chic rainboots.