As spring settles and the temperature becomes constant, I can’t help but take out my denim jacket and skater skirt. However, I was utterly inspired by Valentino’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection as it incorporated different colors and patterns. The patterns seen in his collection had several colors like red, green, blue, white and so many more. Experimenting is particularly fun to do in the spring because not only is it warm enough to wear a skirt, but it is the perfect time to find a lot of patterned shirts and pants.

This look really influenced my outfit because the color red is not only a bright color, but it is also a great color for a patterned top. I found this cute tank top with various colors and a unique pattern and wore my denim jacket. In particular, the top’s rustic red echoed many looks represented in the collection, and I immediately fell in love with the pattern. In addition, I sported my black skater skirt and wore black flats to finish the ensemble. I decided to stay simple when it came to accessorizing, therefore I only added a gold bracelet and a small red purse with a gold strap.

For a person who likes to wear black and white all the time, this was a refreshing change and it comes to show that experimenting helps you find new colors and outfits to wear on a nice spring evening. All in all, this outfit reflected not only my style but also the boho style seen in Valentino’s collection.

Get My Look: 1. A black skirt. 2. Colorful patterned top. 3. A denim jacket.