STYLE GURU STYLE: Red, White and Black

Louis Vuitton has long been one of the biggest and most-popular names in high-fashion. Once again, his collection from Nicolas Ghesquière caught the audience’s attention. It was said to be “full of pieces easy to love and wear.” Of course, you’re probably eager to know what collection I’m referring too.

Vuitton’s fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection was filled with a variety of textures from knits to leathers. All of the model’s walked down the runway with simple pale makeup and bold red lipstick. The collection largely consisted of black, white and red colors, with an appearance of royal blue, green and orange throughout the show. The looks gave off a serious vibe due to the dark colors and lipstick color. This collection was a combination of various coats, from leather to fur, leather pants and leather or combat boots. Towards the end of the show, the pants slowly transitioned into dresses. Models accessorized with a variety of handbags and a few with large hats.

When I started my look, I referred back to the quote, “easy to love and wear.” I quickly resorted to my striped cotton dress, being it’s something simple and comfortable. I wanted to keep the same color scheme of black, white and red. Next, I added a red knit coat, shorter in length, like the collection. Following Vuitton’s style, I added my black boots and handbag from H&M. Ironically, I also own dark-red lipstick similar to the one worn by the runway models. I painted my nails dark and added a few accessories to keep the “serious” look, which completed my look!

Get My Look: 1. Dress. 2. Coat. 3. Handbag.