STYLE GURU STYLE: Rain Boots on the Runway

April 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

For decades Saint Laurent has successfully intertwined the two complete opposites: girly and feminine with edgy rocker. Saint Laurent’s spring 2016 fashion show was no different. The label showcased their own version of a fairy tale by having their models dressed in neutral colored silky slip dresses paired with leather studded jackets and of course, tiaras. However, underneath the metallic studs and lace detailing, there laid a peculiar shoe. Saint Laurent had their fairy tale princesses wear rain boots. The practical and underrated shoe looked just right paired with sequin mini dresses and leather pants. Saint Laurent showed the world that princesses are not just beautiful, but they work for their power and they are not scared of a little rain.

For years I have shied away from wearing rain boots, telling myself they are too bulky and would never go with my outfit. After watching how powerful and beautiful the models in the Saint Laurent fashion show looked, I decided to be as daring as them and incorporate rain boots into my every day style. I translated Saint Laurent’s girly but rocker style by pairing distressed jeans with embroidered details with a casual tank top and a black duster. To tie it back to their spring 2016 fashion show I got rain boots that go up to my ankle and have an edgy gold buckle detail. I kept my colors simple which emulated Saint Laurent’s signature slip dresses and their neutral color palette.

After getting these rain boots I have learned to never be afraid of pairing things you might not think go together. Wearing the same thing together might be safe but taking risks with your clothes is what fashion is really all about!

Get My Look: 1. Black rain boots. 2. Black duster coat. 3. Simple tank top. 4. Embroidered denim pants.