STYLE GURU STYLE: Prints and Light Colors

Fashion month was in full swing and Fashionista’s all over the globe awed and envied at the beauty of the runways. Season fall 2015 has great expectations for fashion, but the J.Crew runway stuck out to me in particular. J.Crew impeccably showed a chic way to wear pastels, jeans and prints. I really like this style because it was sophisticated yet casual, making it very attainable for the everyday girl like me. This runway show was also great because it ventured away from the stereotypical dark autumn colors us Fashionistas are used to seeing for fall previews. Not only did the J.Crew show stray away from most of the dark colors, but also made the fall looks seem young and exciting. I even loved these runway looks so much it inspired me to bring out all my light colors for the upcoming spring fashion season, including my crop tops and white jeans.

For this outfit, I started out with my white jeans and denim jacket. Inspired by the distressed acid washed jeans of the J.Crew runway, my denim jacket paired perfectly with my white skinny jeans. To incorporate the offset patterns used in the runway show, I then chose stripes to offset my neutrals. I chose this navy striped crop because it created a great contrast between the white and blue denim. Add some everyday stylish sunnies and I felt just like a model walking on the J.Crew catwalk.

I really liked J.Crew’s 2015 fall looks because it exemplified the everyday girl style and made fall fashion fun and vibrant. I can’t wait to explore this style further throughout the season and maybe even into fall.

Get My Look: 1. White jeans. 2. Distressed denim jacket. 3. Striped crop top.