STYLE GURU STYLE: Preppy in the City

If there’s one thing that my friends would describe my style as, it’s preppy. My wardrobe ranges from monogrammed everything (literally everything, including winter boots) to Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer. Since a young age, I have been exposed to brands like these. While my style has changed a bit, I still hold on to my preppy roots when the seasons change.

The warm spring weather has given me the opportunity to break out my preppy side while going on adventures around the city. On this particular day, I decided to wear a pair of classic dark wash jeans with a white long sleeve shirt. This outfit gives me a put together look while keeping me cool and comfortable on warmer, sunny days.

Recently, I have come across belts from F. H. Wadsworth. Ribbon belts are a great way to complete any look. They add that extra pop of color and pattern needed in any outfit. Another way I finished off this outfit was pairing it with a cute baseball hat. This will keep the sun out of your eyes while walking down the city streets. Comfy shoes are always key when you know you will be doing lots of walking. The neutral color of these converse makes it easier to pair them with any outfit. Switch out these sneakers with a pair of wedges and add a cute statement necklace to transform this look for a night out.

Warm weather always makes me feel better about myself and my style. It gives me the opportunity to show off my preppy side, which normally gets hidden in the winter by puffy jackets and scarfs. So next time it’s warm out and you feel like switching up your normal style, try something on the preppy side!