When it comes to being witty, creative and chic at the same time, Kate Spade has it in the bag with her collections. The spring 2016 ready-to-wear kate spade new york collection was an interesting new twist on the designers usual direction. The collection was charming but with an edgy feel to it. Her pieces incorporated her usual pop of bright colors but also controlled the ambiance with black and white pieces as well. In her collection you can expect to see some of the up and coming trends this season such as culottes, prom skirts, blazer capes and matching separates. The most appealing change to her collection was the addition of leather jackets.

What 20 something year-old girl doesn’t appreciate how kate spade new york pieces make you feel mature yet playful at the same time? I channeled her collection by putting on an embossed off-white prom skirt. I added a floral crop top and leather jacket to pull it all together. In order to stay true to my edgy side I paired my favorite black strappy sandals with the look. Kate Spade inspires me to gravitate toward more classic and romantic ways of styling in my outfit choices. When I saw the spring collection, I found myself already yearning for winter to speed past right into spring.

Kate Spade is one of the more college student-friendly designers and easily accessible at some of the high-end department stores. I personally believe that her clothing, handbags and accessories are completely tailored to our generation.

Get My Look: 1. Prom skirt. 2. Floral crop top. 3. Black motorcycle jacket.