STYLE GURU STYLE: Pleated and Patterned

I always love to rock professional wear with a bit of a twist. The best way to make it my own is through mixing up the style and pattern of my bottoms. This same concept has been trending on the runway for a while now. After looking through a few of my favorite designers, I came across someone with similarity to the outfits I wear often.

I am drawn to Michael Kors’ collections due to their ability to do professional wear in a way that gives you more options than a simple power suit or pencil skirt. Michael Kors is a designer that loves to keep it simple with color, but play with cuts, patterns and texture. In the pre-fall 2016 collection, there are a lot of subtle patters on the bottom with blazers to finish the look.

Kors and I agree on subtle colors, but also unique with style. As you can see, I have on a traditional black blazer, much like the model. The blazer I am wearing is standard professional to ground my outfit. I like having a standard piece in my outfit so that I can make bolder choices in other parts of the outfit. I see Kors emulating the same idea in his collection multiple times.

As for the bottom, I am wearing a dull blue skirt with a pop of red roses. The skirt is pleated, much like Kors has in his collection. The pleating detail plus a fun pattern makes the whole outfit visually interesting! From what I see with runway designs, the bottoms are where you have fun with an outfit as opposed to the top that is simpler. My shoes are professional black pointed-toe pump to go with the basic professional blazer.

Get My Look: 1. A patterned, pleated skirt. 2. Polished professional blazer. 3. Lastly, tie it all together with a classic pump.