STYLE GURU STYLE: Pink And Flowers, Yes!

The Dolce&Gabbana fall 2015 ready-to-wear fashion show was just wow. The clothes and message behind the show were absolutely stunning and elegant. The show was in honor of mothers with embroideries and prints that represented sketches that a child would make on paper. There were two different types of mothers, a hot mama in black dresses and skirts and a sweet mama in rose-strewn shift dresses. The color palette consisted of black, red and a variety of pastel colors such as pink, yellow and blue. Flowers, particularly roses, were the main focal point of the show, referring back to what you give your mother for Mother’s Day. The runway also included models and their children walking down the catwalk together that provided entertainment and also paid homage to our one commonality that we all share where we came from. Impressed doesn’t begin to describe how I felt about this show, and it totally inspired my fashion this week.

I was inspired by the message behind Dolce&Gabbana’s looks. I decided to incorporate a floral print into my outfit in honor of my mother whose favorite pastime is flower arranging. Although I am not quite ready for motherhood, I portrayed myself as a sweet mamma by wearing light pink as the main focal point in my look. My style has consistently been about comfort and leggings; however, this week I wanted to show another side of me with a tad more sophistication with a simple but great pair of black heels that I love. So I guess I have a tad bit of a hot mamma in me with some black pieces such as my leggings and shoes, as well. The shoes definitely brought my outfit up in sophistication while remaining in my own style of clothes.

Get My Look: 1. An elegant floral top. 2. A comfy knit cardigan. 3. A favorite pair of black heels.