STYLE GURU STYLE: Perfectly Patterned

The recent spring 2015 ready-to-wear Valentino runway show incorporated tons of color and patterns. Every look was something I would personally wear and would feel completely comfortable in. I recently got a dress that was full of different lines of patterns and packed with color which fit perfectly with these looks! The way the patterns were mixed and matched gave me so much inspiration. Patterns on patterns is a hard style to master, and I often shy away from it. A great tip to try would be combining large patterns a small patterns. The different scales help make the prints flow much nicer. The Valentino show gave me lots of inspiration to try out mixing patterns in my own outfit!

Today I put my own spin on the trend when recreating the runway show. I love the boho look for spring, and I think it is going to be huge again this year. The dress I chose has individual tiers of various patterns. It was effortless because the dress did all the pattern matching for me. To incorporate a pattern of my own, I chose blue and white plaid wedges. The small print works perfectly and doesn’t add to all the action already happening on the flowy dress. To continue the bohemian vibe, I stacked some gold rings and colorful bangles. I also added the option of a flower crown to complete this look!

Valentino proved that layering patterns work and that you should definitely not shy away from them. Mix and match to show your unique style with the endless possibilities of color and print. With all the inspiration from this show, I’ll for sure be mixing my wardrobe.

Get My Look: 1. A patterned dress. 2. Colorful bangles and gold rings. 3. A patterned shoe.