STYLE GURU STYLE: Patchwork It Out

December 8th, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Patchwork It Out

If it was good enough for Britney, it’s good enough for me. That’s been my motto recently when approaching denim.

As the weather gets colder, and we have to ditch our favorite slip dresses and camis for something a little more substantial, denim is a closet staple to keep you feeling warm but looking stylish. That being said, wearing jeans as frequently as I know I do in the wintertime, a basic pair of skinny jeans can feel a little boring after a while. To remedy this, I’m always looking for a good pair of jeans with a twist that can take them to the next level. Recently, I’ve been really loving the patchwork look.

There’s something so nostalgic about denim to me, especially of the patchwork sort. Even though the use of the textile has been consistent throughout the decades and is constantly being used in updated styles, in my mind the quintessential denim look is Britney Spears at the 2001 AMAs. I mean, come on, who can’t do an instant recall of her patchwork denim gown? Patchwork denim just screams 2000s to me, and I, a girl who regularly wishes she was Lizzie McGuire, am not complaining about it.

Needless to say, I had been wanting some patchwork jeans for a while, so when I saw this pair I knew I had to pick them up. I love how these jeans have just enough patchwork detail to make me feel like I’m tackling the trend, but not too much to make them look like a DIY gone bad. Plus, I’m also really into the deconstructed hem detail on the legs and how effortlessly cool it makes the jeans look. I really wanted these jeans to do all the talking, so I paired them with a simple black turtleneck that served as a chic counterpart to my trendy jeans.

Of course, a good outfit is nothing without the accessories. I started off by throwing on this black, suede cross-body to add a little more texture and interest to my outfit. I’m obsessed with this bag and it’s the perfect way to add a little bohemian earthiness to a modern look. Finally, I finished off the outfit by keeping it simple in the shoe department and opting for this classic pair of strappy sandals.