One of the best feelings is when you buy new clothes and know exactly what pieces you’re going to pair with it. While I was in the checkout line, I spotted these jeans and my mom can attest to me saying I genuinely jumped up and down. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I practically live in jeans. It was like my denim dreams came true once street style was flooded with frayed denim and patched jeans. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair of some next level jeans. 

After purchasing my patched jeans, I immediately started thinking of what I could pair with them. I remembered seeing Seventeen Magazine’s Assistant Style Editor Kelsey Stiegman post a few OOTDs wearing frayed denim. Her outfit inspired my own and I was just waiting for the perfect moment to get on campus to show it off. 

There was a slight breeze this day so my turtleneck sweater passed the test of weather while walking to class. It is slightly baggy which makes it breathable and not constricting while in lecture. 

Because I am petite, I always face the struggle of finding jeans that are hemmed properly. When I tried these jeans on, I was ecstatic to see they hit the perfect length to be paired with my black leather boots. Truthfully, they may not be the most comfortable when having to walk across campus. This being said, I think they are worth the pain because they added to my outfit what sneakers could not have. 

This might not be my most complex outfit but I love how effortless it is. When an outfit comes to mind so quickly and easily you know it is going to be a good one.