STYLE GURU STYLE: Pastel Pinks and Denim Overload

There are two things you should know about me. First off, I am that person that is constantly anticipating the start of the next season (I partially blame working in retail for this). Secondly, I do not believe denim on denim is any type of a fashion faux pas. Like most of my friends, you probably reread the second part of that with surprised eyes. Yes, you did read that sentence right and I really did mean what I just typed.

Denim on denim is honestly essential to my everyday style, especially this upcoming season. I already found my favorite pair of spring jeans—Madewell’s Perfect Summer Jean. The jeans have an 11” rise (the higher the better is my motto for jeans) and are the perfect shade of denim for warmer weather. Even though it’s not technically spring, I’ve already created a home inside these jeans.

Although the denim on denim look can be paired with anything, like jeans and a chambray shirt, I prefer pairing my jeans with a denim jacket. In the fall or winter, I tend to contrast the colors for my denim on denim look (i.e. a pair of dark wash jeans and a lighter wash denim jacket). Since spring is calling, I’m all for wearing lighter wash denim with a more subtle contrast.

This look can be intense at times so I usually try to keep it simple. I just threw on a bodysuit, my go-to pair of mules, and a necklace that embraces my zodiac sign (I’m the least ashamed Gemini I know). I’m not feminine in my style so this pastel pink bodysuit was originally daring for me but the risqué back made me fall in love with it.

This spring, get out of your comfort zone and wear denim on denim.