STYLE GURU STYLE: Pack Your Poncho

January 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

My personal style changes so often that I could never choose just one style to describe my wardrobe. I dress according to my mood, and so I have collected a wardrobe that is all over the place, which fits my personality. On my latest shopping haul, I tried to find classic statement pieces to mix-and-match with all sorts of different tastes. Lately, I have been into neutral, classic pieces and displaying a minimalistic look.

The show that inspired me in my fashion this season was the Burberry fall 2015 collection. I loved how these outfits had fun, bohemian and bright patterns, but also incorporated minimalistic outerwear. One piece that really stood out to me was this classic evergreen-colored poncho that was simple with a bohemian twist due to the fringed edges. This bohemian and minimal look is an oxymoron, yet it works together to create something beautiful. The entire collection had a ’70s vibe going with a modern twist. Most of the outfits had suede and fringed pieces, but also a modernized aesthetic with structured silhouettes.

In this look, I have a beautiful, burlap poncho with a rugged, fringed edge. The poncho was the main attraction for my ensemble, so I pieced the rest of the outfit around it. Since it is such a statement piece, I chose black and suede pointed-toe boots; a simple, camel colored bodysuit and a neutral gray, structured bag to go with it. I strayed away from a lot of jewelry, just like in the Burberry show, to really obtain a minimalistic look.

The outfits in the Burberry show were beautifully pieced and styled together to create this innovative look. All of the elements in the outfits were tasteful and wearable for the modern man and woman.

Get My Look: 1. Poncho. 2. Off-the-shoulder bodysuit. 3. Pointed-toe boots. 4. Structured bag.