STYLE GURU STYLE: Oversize and Over-The-Knee

I am always on the go everyday. There are days when I have no energy to put together a cute outfit. I always used to just throw on leggings and the same oversize button-down. Then I realized you can be trendy and comfy at the same time. I am a firm believer in being comfortable in all of my outfits. When I am shopping, comfort is something that comes to mind while I browse the store. It is the best of both worlds to be both confident and cozy in an outfit.

My outfit is the perfect combination of cozy and chic. There is nothing more comfortable than your boyfriend’s button-down. Everyone has their version of an oversize button-down they adore. I paired mine with a black leather skirt that has a zipper detail. Over-the-knee boots are my current obsession and closet staple. I wore my suede over-the-knee boots to dress up my outfit. From spotted on campus to all over the runway in the fashion world, you can find these trendy boots. Mine have a blocked, spiked heel and are suede but there are so many different styles on trend. There is nothing better than having an outfit that makes you feel confident.

This look is so easy to put together. Everyone has an oversize button-down or flannel they wear on Sundays while watching Netflix in bed. Throw them on with a skirt and to have a more stylish look, grab a pair of over-the-knee boots. Over-the-knee-boots have the power to bring any outfit together.