STYLE GURU STYLE: Overalls Gone Right

In the spirit of finals and end of the year blues, let’s think of a more uplifting topic; more specifically, let’s talk about Rebecca Minkoff’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. I am absolutely in love with this ensemble of hers. She brought everything from bohemian looks to ‘70s flares. For spring, I tend to stick to a neutral palette, so when I saw the range of soft neutrals and muted pastels in the show, I was thrilled. My favorite look from the collection is this pair of skinny denim overalls that proved that toddlers were not the only ones that could rock overalls.

I think overalls can be quite intimidating, as they tend to give off childhood vibes when styled wrong. However, I found that with a minimalistic approach, why not embrace your inner toddler? With just three simple pieces, I created a look that was fun and trendy. I started off with a pair of light-washed, denim overalls because I live in lighter colors during the spring. I also picked overalls with a bit of wear and tear in them for a more distressed feel. I paired that with a striped crop top for a pop of pattern and dimension. Since it’s warm here, I chose to wear these chunky neutral sandals that are my go-to for spring. I found that by wearing shoes with some height, the look became much less child-like.

Thank you to Minkoff for reminding me that a little bit of your inner child can’t hurt anybody!

Get My Look: 1. A pair of distressed, denim overalls. 2. Some chunky sandals. 3. A striped crop top.