Sometimes your closet seems as if it’s got nothing left to give. Your summer shorts have been worn one too many times and you can’t stand the idea of putting on one more pair of flip flops. As summer turns to fall, that chill in the air suggests to your closet it’s time to pull out the light jackets and stick on a pair of fuzzy socks, but the sun is still shining like summer hasn’t left!

Where can we find that happy medium for the time in-between summer and fall that feels like a season itself? How can we avoid our tired beach bum looks while also not full conceding to a pumpkin colored palette?

This funky look comes from the odd ends of my closet. The top is a simple short sleeve turtleneck that contributes to the funkiness of the outfit. The skirt has unique denim detail that also adds to the oddness of the outfit. The obvious statement piece of this outfit is the primary colored jacket. Its Lego-like color brightens up the outfit and provides intrigue. Socks with sandals is a nod to the changing of the seasons and the acceptance that sandals can only be sported with socks in the coming colder months.

This outfit is the juxtaposition of pieces with personality that alone make a statement but together make an avant-garde ensemble. If you’re finding yourself bored with the same old summer looks, try to start incorporating fall wear without disrupting your summer color palette.

Get My Look: 1. Striped Turtleneck. 2. Sandals. 3. Jacket.