STYLE GURU STYLE: Not Quite Spring Yet

April 4th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Not Quite Spring Yet

Spring is the season to be colorful! Spring is the time where we try to forget about the cold winter, enjoy the bloom, and pray for summer right around the corner;  hello bikinis! For college students it’s all about spring BREAK! Every student wants to travel during spring break for an unforgettable adventure.

I decided to travel up north to New York for my adventure this spring break and it was far from bikinis and sandals. I quickly learned that the season’s weather is much different from Florida. Cold weather and winds kept me out of bikinis and flip-flops and into layers and sweaters. However, no matter where you are “fashion calls,” especially in the Big Apple!

Fashion in the spring is full of bright colors, and floral patterns. While the weather may not reveal blooming flowers just yet, I wanted my outfit to keep the spirit of spring alive. Layers are definitely essential in cold times, which is why I chose to wear a pink fur sweater over a black long sleeve turtleneck. The color pink is one of my favorite colors to wear no matter the time of year, but I feel a special urge to wear pink during the spring.

I kept the floral theme alive with black pants from H&M patterned with red roses. Rose patterns are a growing trend this season and honestly I cannot get enough of them! In the details of this picture you can see the pink flowers that decorate the red roses, which is why it paired so well with the sweater and pink sneakers that are also from H&M.

The accessories complement the spring theme of the look. The necklace has a pendant with a floral arrangement that tie in with the outfit. Pink socks also accents the pink in the pants, sweater, and necklace, making them all play a more important part in the ensemble. The funky side-ponytail and two-strand bang paired with light make-up make the look more fun and warm even the weather is bit more cold.

All in all, New York is an amazing place regardless of the weather and season. While the cold weather may have you rearranging your style, don’t forget to be true and have fun with season!