Paris Fashion Week is always such an exciting time of the year. Even though I have yet to attend, watching all of the runway shows online and seeing them in the magazines is just incredible. It’s a great time of the year to evaluate your wardrobe and see how you can modify and recombine outfits to create fresh and new looks.

One of the shows that stood out to me this year was the Chloé runway show. I’ve always been a fan of Chloé because they create pieces that are whimsically beautiful and perfect for every day wear. What really caught my attention with their fall line was the use of navy blue, button-ups and denim. These three elements are rather present in my own wardrobe so it made me think to myself, how can I achieve a look inspired by the Chloé fall 2015 line?

Living in Flagstaff, Arizona, it’s pretty chilly right now, so one piece I knew was essential for this look was a beanie to keep my head nice and warm. To fulfill the navy blue and button-up piece of the look, I wore a navy blue zip-up jacket. This jacket has a similar shape as the button-ups from the Chloé runway show as well as a matching shade of blue. I wore a crisp white blouse underneath the jacket that represented the white shirt worn under this specific Chloé ensemble. To finish off the inspired look, I wore a pair of my favorite Hudson jeans. They symbolized the denim garments from the show since I don’t find black dress pants to be too practical to wear to class.

Get My Look: 1. A navy blue jacket. 2. A crisp white blouse. 3. A good pair of jeans.