STYLE GURU STYLE: Naturally Neutral

My style involves a lot of black. I live in New York. It’s just a natural habit. When I shop for pieces, my rule is to always buy something that I can both wear and sleep in. Why? It just serves a double purpose. Comfort, as they say, is key.

Today, I’m wearing a gray, off-the-shoulder T-shirt from Brandy Melville paired with black culottes from Charlotte Russe. I’m still not over the culotte trend and refuse to admit that it’s over, so today I payed it some tribute. I’m really living for over-the-knee boots lately. I seriously can never take mine off, and I’m a fan of the extra height. Some days I literally strut down the street in them (yeah, a good outfit can definitely take a toll on the ego).

To elevate the look from a plain T-shirt and culotte pairing, I tied my shirt in a knot and paired it with a mesh and velvet bralette from Primark. With the way the mesh pops out, it adds a subtle hint of edge without being too provocative or revealing. It makes for a nice detail to the outfit too.

Today was a rarity for me because instead of sporting my typical hair tie around my wrist as an accessory, I wore actual jewelry. This rock of a ring, well crystal, is an old piece from Urban Outfitters. My sunglasses also act as a functional accessory. I guess I was just playing along with the entire purple eye-shadow and lipstick too.