How to Do a Smokey Eye for Beginners

August 10th, 2017 at 2:00am

When it comes to makeup, I seriously have no idea what I’m doing. When it comes specifically to eye makeup, forget about it! All I have to say is thank God I came across this beauty guru, as she taught me how to perfect a simple smokey eye look.

First, this Fashionista wets her eyeliner brush so the tip is pointed, making applying the eyeliner easier.She then dips her eyeliner brush into the L’Oréal Espresso Liquid Eyeliner Paint Pot. With small strokes, she applies the eyeliner to her upper lash line from the outside in.

Next, this Fashionista rolls Batter Up Eye Shadow Primer over her eyelids. (Who knew there was a primer for your eyelid? Not me!) For this look, she did a simple smokey eye using a Naked palette. First, she applied the color Sidecar onto her entire eyelid.

Next, she applied the color Smog onto the outside corner of her eye and brushed it up in the eyelid crease, slowly blending it in with Sidecar. Then, she applies this same technique with the color Darkhorse, just not as far up into the crease.

This Fashionista finishes up her eye shadow with the color Creep and brushes it in the very outer corner of her eyelid, blending it slightly upwards so it’s not too dark. This technique provides a gradual color change from light to dark as you go from the inner eyelid to the outside of the eyelid, thus appearing “smokey.”

Last but not least, she applies Better Than Sex Mascara to her eyelashes. This mascara is great due to its infrequent tendency of clumping and has extra volume.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on how to perfect a beginner’s smokey eye! Comment below to share your favorite smokey eye tips and details!