Picture this. It’s a dark, hazy night. A thick fog hovers over the freshly wet pavement. It is quiet except for the distant sound of police sirens. Our girl is alone but she is not scared. Her broken-in Dr. Martens stomp into a puddle splashing gritty rain water onto the cuffed pant leg of her acid washed jeans. Her leather jacket hangs effortlessly over her cropped tee and allows just a peep of her midriff. This girl is tough. This girl is confident. This girl is bad…sike! This girl is me and I actually daydream about being the tough B.A. greaser in my mind. In reality, I am was inspired by the leather and ruggedness of Rodarte’s fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection and put together a look for class.

I always lean towards ruggedness, and leather (well, vegan leather) is at the top of my must-have list. Many people top off their look with a jacket but when you love a piece as much as I love my leather jacket you find yourself starting from the outside. It is so easy to look tough in this piece. It has definitely become my right hand and my go-to. While Rodarte’s collection formally dressed it’s girl, I went for a more casual counterpart. I paired my jacket with a pair of extremely high waisted jeans with a cuffed pant leg. These pants are a proud thrift store find. I would put money on the fact that they most likely originated in the ’80s. Beneath my jacket, I wore a simple white crop top. Since the weather is beginning to warm up, especially in the south, I deemed that a glimmer of midriff was completely necessary. And what can seal the bad-girl-vibes more than a pair of vegan leather Dr. Martens? I’ve had these beauties for four years and I’m still trying to figure out how they are not broken in yet. That is a quality shoe.

While I may not actually be the baddest chick around, Rodarte has allowed me to channel my inner baddie and at least look the part for a day.

Get My Look: 1. Vegan leather jacket. 2. Extremely high-waisted jeans. 3. Tough girl boots.