STYLE GURU STYLE: Mixing Trends and Classic Pieces

My summer style is effortless. I am a low maintenance person, and it is reflected in the pieces I choose to wear. I love breezy tanks, sundresses, mom jeans, etc. Those are classic staples in my wardrobe. Another classic staple is my gold watch. It was given to me as a high school graduation gift, and I haven’t taken it off since. It is a smaller watch face than the more popular masculine style, but I’ve received countless compliments on it. I’m also balling on a college budget (aka broke) so I don’t buy into too many trends. Another reason I don’t dress all in trends is I don’t want to look like everyone else. It’s boring! Not to mention it diminishes personal style when everyone is wearing the same outfit.

Not to bash too much on trends, trends are fun and shake up what people always wear. I usually pick one or two trends I like the most and invest in those. The lace up sandals pictured are super popular right now. I didn’t like them at first which is my usual reaction to trends, but now I love them! They add a cool boho vibe to the ordinary black sundress. I’ve been wearing the sundress for two years now, and I’m still obsessed with it. The dress is a timeless piece and flattering on anyone. It was the perfect simple outfit for wandering around murals all day.

The other trend I decided to follow this summer are the sunglasses I’m wearing. Both the reflective pink lenses as well as the circular shape of the sunglasses are trending currently. It is so fun to take selfies wearing these! I feel way cooler than I actually am while wearing them. They also add the perfect pop of color to this otherwise mostly black look.