STYLE GURU STYLE: Millennial Pink

May 2nd, 2017 at 2:00am

Every time I go shopping, the fashion major in me feels so guilty! Subconsciously I analyze every garment for quality, content, and country of origin. While being on a college student budget has me wanting to shop all of the latest new arrivals at H&M, I can almost see some of my professors shaking their heads in disapproval at me. I can’t say that I’ve completely stopped my purchases from fast fashion retailers, but I have definitely started to limit them.

In favor of limiting my fast fashion purchases, I’ve discovered the thrill of thrifting; more specifically thrifting for denim! There’s really no better feeling than trying on a pair of vintage jeans. That moment when you find the right pair of jeans that really fits you feels surreal. I can’t help thinking about the past life the jeans may have had before me. Who the owner was and all the places they went.The quality of vintage denim is uncombable to jeans on the market today. The denim manufactured before the rise of fast fashion was made to be durable and ensure long lasting wear. Even if their was a previous wearer who came before me, I know I don’t have to worry about how long the jeans will last for me.

As the weather starts to warm up, I always have a difficult time breaking away from my almost completely black and grey winter wardrobe. But when I saw these millennial pink mules, I couldn’t resist! Millennial pink has literally become a symbolic color of my generation. As a New Yorker, we do tend to have a difficult time wearing color. In order to subdue the look, I paired it with my favorite vintage Levi’s and my go to plain white T-shirt.

I love this look for the simplicity of the all American denim and T-shirt combination with a millennial twist. Here’s to sunnier and warmer days ahead!