STYLE GURU STYLE: Military-Inspired

April 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am

My look this week was inspired by Rebecca Minkoff’s pre-fall 2015 runway show. The military jackets featured in her collection have an edgy touch to them and that is what stood out to me the most. Look two and look four from the collection are my favorite and I decided to put together an outfit that reflected a little bit of each of these looks. As you can see, I put a lightweight pink sweater underneath the military jacket. This was for both style and functionality. In look four of Rebecca Minkoff’s collection, the model appears to be wearing a shirt out of a thicker material, possibly resembling a bulletproof vest. I really like the idea of this, but to make my look more appropriate for the transition from winter to spring, I found that the sweater was more weather appropriate. I also like the way the light pink contrasts with the green jacket.

Because I wore a sweater under the jacket instead of the black top like the model is wearing in look four, I decided my outfit still needed an element of edge. To execute this, I threw on my black suede over-the-knee boots and it added just enough edge give me the look I was going for. The buckles on the boots were just what I needed to complete the look. To complement the boots, I put on my black infinity scarf and this really brought the whole look together. These are just a few simple changes I needed to make to turn Rebecca Minkoff’s collection into a look that fits my personal style and is perfect for early spring.

Get My Look: 1. Military jacket.  2. Infinite scarf.  3.Over-the-knee boots.