Marissa Webb had all types of elements from her spring 2015 collection—feminine, sophisticated, loose-fitting and masculine clothing. What really makes this collection amazing was how all of these pieces of clothing were simple but when put together, they created magic. The colors used were neutral tones but that did not mean that the outfits were washed out. She incorporated at least one staple piece, which added that special pop to each outfit. What I loved about this collection was the military vibe. The buttons and fabrics that were used on some of the outfits made realize that you do not need to wear camouflage-patterned clothing.

So I took initiative and tried to embody what Marissa Webb did with her collection. I put together some of the fabrics from each outfit and put it into my own. By using similar militant colors and fabrics, I felt like I was able to create a military feel (but something that was not too literal). I decided to throw on my olive green pants, jean button-up and black leather vest. Instead of wearing boots, I wore my black ankle boots to make my outfit more feminine.

This spring 2015 collection shows me that I can create certain themes of outfits without being so obvious about it. It is all about adding your own sense of style and twist to each outfit to make the outfit your own instead of making it look like a costume.

Get My Look: 1. Olive knee-stitched jeans. 2. Black leather vest. 3. Classic Wayfarers.