If I’m stuck in class on a cool fall day; the only thing getting me through it is the comfort of a giant scarf that can also be used as a blanket on my commute home. A large cup of coffee (a must), and some killer booties make me forget that midterms are upon us. Now that November has hit, layered clothing becomes one with your wardrobe while living in Canada. I’m not one to follow standard trends, so I like to mix it up. Blending different patterns together tends to wake me up when my eyes start to drift from a lack of sleep.

Being a photography student, details are of utmost importance. So naturally I’m attracted to styles that grasp your attention from across the room. If I’m stuck on campus, editing photos in the library all day, I might as well wake up some people around me.

In light of this, my look this week was inspired by Seoul fall 2015 Pushbutton: look 15. Seung Gun Park may be known as a shy Korean guy, but his collection screams at you in all the right ways. He blends simple black and white patterns with bold colors making sure to inspire anyone caught in a boring funk. He’s not afraid to wake people up and that’s exactly what fashion should do.

Striving for a similar effect, I grabbed my black and white gypsy pants that I found while rummaging through the sale section of Urban Outfitters and paired them with a loud plaid scarf. These two patterns together are guaranteed to wake up a few tired eyed students.

I love oversized clothing, especially in the days where the sun disappears faster and the nights become cooler. Since I’m more on the petite side, I completed the look with gold tipped booties to give me height and a matched it with a knockout clutch.

Get My Look: 1. Striped trousers. 2. Patterned scarf. 3. Killer booties.