Madewell is a household name amongst denim enthusiasts, classic dressers and lovers of the old J.Crew days. While J.Crew, as suggests, has steered toward fashion-y, Madewell has become the staple for slouchy but stylish. The fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection is a perfect combination of the 25 most enviable cool-girl looks.

I was going for something along the lines of look 13. I admit my interpretation is wildly different, but I dared it to be so. An “A” for effort, right? Look 13 rocks a basic denim, a classic black leather, a white tee, a hint of plaid and a Chelsea boot. Mine has all of those components, just in a different order. I worked with all of those and put them together in a way that captured the essence of the look but didn’t copy it exactly. I used my boots as the center of my look because I like how the studs put a spin on a classic style. Looking back at this outfit I realize a good black denim (I even have Madewell black jeans) would have been the best option, but to be honest, I’m wearing leggings. I’m lazy; c’est la vie.

Madewell has gotten a lot of attention lately, and bloggers have been drawn to the brand with each new collection. They merge everything we love about fashion right now almost effortlessly. They inspire style, and are powered by classic looks with a modern revival. The best thing about this collection in particular is the approachability it gives fashion; it’s not limited to the runway and is easily replicable.

Get My Look: 1. Chelsea boots. 2. Plaid shirt. 3. Denim jacket.