October 18th, 2016 at 2:10am

Temperatures are cooling down, but fall fashion is just warming up. Transitioning doesn’t always have to be so predictable, so take some cues from some designers and brands that are showing us how to be less blasé in our styling. While the predictable ideas of transition pieces for fall are comforting and reliable, I’m pushing myself to be more exciting and bold this year.

To me, this ensemble is the perfect example of a fresh take on transition pieces. Fall and winter are all about dark colors for me, specifically black. If you happen to feel the same way, this outfit should speak volumes. The color palette alone brings a mysterious, effortlessly cool vibe and it doesn’t stop there. Feeling confident in what you wear makes you and your ensemble look that much better. I fully believe that black looks good on everyone, so don’t hesitate to rely on such a powerful color this season.

This extra long maxi dress with lace detailing and a plunging neckline creates a delicate silhouette that is accentuated more during the summer, but the fact that it’s made of a thicker, yet loose-hanging fabric makes this perfect for early fall weather. This bomber jacket by Alpha Industries contrasts with the feminine, delicate cut of the dress and adds an unexpected, edgy flair to the outfit with its puffy structure. The fact that the bomber is reversible with a bright orange lining makes it even better for changing up your fall color scheme. It adds a flash of color to this outfit and makes the outfit have more depth with its warmth. An added plus is that this jacket is extremely warm and snuggly!

Finally, I added two of my favorite trends to the outfit to pull it all together: a velvet choker with a silver lariat and black leather over-the-ankle ’60s style boots.