STYLE GURU STYLE: Love and Overalls

Spring has officially arrived after a long, cold Midwest winter. Fashionistas are eager to start wearing the latest trends now that the temperature has warmed up. With the spring season comes bright whites and vibrant colors. Throughout winter, I like to keep my outfits neutral and dark. My key colors are black, navy, maroon, and nude. Now that the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining, my wardrobe needs some color. Instead of diving right into the bright and vibrant colors, I’m going to transition my outfits into the new season.

I’ve been so excited to wear my new overalls that I bought in Chicago weeks ago. The overalls take up most of my outfit, so I didn’t want to overpower it with a bright or patterned top underneath. I chose to go with a plain white knit top. The bright white complements the dark color of the overalls and is on trend for the spring season. I paired it with a black pair of Birkenstocks. The slip-on style of the shoe makes the outfit look carefree and comfortable. The dark blue overalls and white knit top are classic and clean, but I knew I wanted a little pop of something. Pink is a big color this season, so I added a pop of color to my outfit with my bright pink Kate Spade crossbody purse.

If you are someone like me that is just now coming out of their dark, winter shell, try transitioning your outfits with hints of color instead of diving right into the latest, bright spring colors. You will feel like your clothing selection is bigger because you aren’t wearing all the spring trends at once.