STYLE GURU STYLE: Laurent Leather

Saint Laurent is not your typical luxury fashion house. The collections, like the spring 2016 ready-to-wear, that come out of it would not be recognized as luxury unless you knew better. There are sheer slip dresses, denim overall shorts, graphic tees and rain boots. To some, this might seem like a hoax. “Who does Hedi Slimane think he is selling people a distressed camouflage jacket for more money than what my laptop cost?” I will never get to the point of putting a Saint Laurent T-shirt in my online shopping cart, but what I love about Saint Laurent is that he makes wearable collections. The looks that come down his runway could easily inspire your outfit the next day. It did for me and here’s how I styled it.

I started out with my baby, my leather jacket. I wear this thing all the time and it is the best investment I have ever made. The jacket is so comfortable and its buckles and zippers help toughen up any outfit I need it to. Nothing beats a good leather jacket. I then reached for one of my many white T-shirts. This one is my favorite because it’s cropped just enough to go with high waisted pants.

I don’t have any baggy jeans like the ones in the look, so I chose to match the wash rather than the fit. The washed out medium blue gives into the grungy vibe that Saint Laurent was going for. Also, the fit of these jeans are my favorite because they’re a little bit flared, but also cropped. It’s a different fit, but I find myself wearing them all the time.

I put on my black Chelsea boots that look a little bit more beat up than they should, but I guess that’s what happens when you wear them around New York City for four months. Their scuffs just add to the theme. To finish off the look, I put on the smallest silver necklace I owned. It has one little star on it and even though it’s delicate, I can wear it with almost anything.

Get My Look: 1. A leather jacket 2. A white tee 3. Cropped flair jeans