My style always varies depending on the season. During the summer, I love the bohemian chic vibes, while in the spring I love to wear floral patterns. But my favorite seasons are winter and fall. I’m obsessed with boots, oversized sweaters and beautiful coats. But I live in Southern California. That means I know the struggle of going from what feels like 40-degree weather in the morning, to desert summer 110-degree weather in the afternoon.

The best way to stay warm, and dry, without feeling like you might die of a heatstroke minutes later is a puffer vest! They’re super cute and super in right now.  I love these,little guys! I’m buying them in every color left and right!  The one I’m wearing is black, with gold accents and faux fur on the hoodie. The faux fur and gold accents give it a flashier, more done up look.

To allow the fur to stand out, I’ve slicked back my hair. High pony tails are my favorite go-to hairstyle. Second day hair? Too windy to have your hair down? Slick back your hair into a high pony and you’ve got yourself an edgier look. Did I mention a tight, slick pony tails are practically a natural face lift? Not that any of you Fashionistas need one, but it definitely brings out your cheek bones. So work that contour girl!

I love turtlenecks; they’re super affordable. They always come in handy during the cold weather, so it’s great to stock up on them in all colors and patterns! To match the color of the faux fur, I am wearing a nude colored turtleneck.  Wind, rain or sunshine I always like to wear heels! I wasn’t blessed with long legs like Cindy Crawford, but I sure can fake them! I’m wearing black over-the-knee boots with about a 4” inch heel to give me some height. Tip: a chunky heel makes walking around easier.

There you have it Fashionistas! Stay warm and dry this season, but not too warm. Catch you guys later!