One look at Objects Without Meaning’s fall ready-to-wear line and you’ll fall in love. Although autumn is months away, you can still incorporate the its shapes and themes this spring. I love jumpsuits as they’re fun, super comfortable and eye-catching. What’s not to love? After taking a peek at Objects Without Meaning’s collection, I decided to put a floral twist on their jumpsuit and voila—I’m jumping for joy!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, florals are groundbreaking for spring. As long as you reinvent this familiar pattern into something unique and innovative, you’ll never fail. Incorporating florals into my daily look is not only stylish, but cheerful looking inspiring. This jumpsuit is perfect for the spring weather and is flexible for any occasion. For a beautiful day outside, I opted to toss on a chambray shirt and pair it with a comfy pair of Converse as well. I took a dress-down approach for a relaxing day, but you can definitely dress up a jumpsuit as well.

To prepare for any occasion, it’s all about the accessories and your layering methods. Chambray shirts are my go-to layering piece because they match almost everything and also add an air of chic and hipness to any look. The same goes for a denim jacket and denim in general as an additional piece. If you’re going for a more of a stylish look, try a sleek leather jacket or blazer layered over your jumpsuit. If the weather’s a bit warmer, skip the jacket and toss on a large and light scarf. Last of all, the shoes. Ah, the options are endless, especially with the current weather. Sneakers are always an easy and fun choice, but you can also sport a pair of wedges or cute sandals too. Just keep in mind that if you’re jumpsuit is patterned, stick with neutral and complementary accessories. This applies for the vice versa too!

Get My Look: 1. Patterned jumpsuit. 2. Chambray shirt. 3. Converse sneakers.