If you know me, you are probably aware of a few things in terms of my style. I have an affection for all garments that are covered in fur and feathers. I basically live in my all-black Zara booties. My go-to look is a basic T-shirt and unique skirt. I’m a CollegeFashionista Style Guru, so one of my favorite words is RAD. Therefore, for this month’s STYLE GURU STYLE article, I decided to combine all of my must-have wardrobe pieces with one of my favorite affordable collections. The J.Crew fall 2015 ready-to-wear presentation inspired quite a few outfits of mine since it’s debut, including this particular ensemble.

What I love about this presentation is that it comes from an affordable retailer—one that fills the shelves and racks in my very own closet. I appreciate that these J.Crew looks are all extremely wearable, yet they stand out due to their interesting colors, textures and silhouettes. From look one to 30, there is at least one component that I could see myself wearing on a daily basis, whether it be the oversized coats, fur scarves and stoles, metallic skirts or jewel tone pants. As a whole, the collection nods to the ’70s, but does so in an elegant, vivid and dramatic manner. These ’70s-inpsired silhouettes are balanced out by the classic chambray button-ups, denim pants and khaki trousers that define the J.Crew brand.

I translated this J.Crew line along with my own personal aesthetic to create the perfect ensemble. I drew especially from my two favorite looks: 11 and 12. J.Crew’s baby pink skirt was actually what influenced me to purchase my stylish black fringe skirt from Zara in the first place. From the other look, I was inspired to add my feathery berry coat to my outfit. Instead of pairing my ensemble with a thick sweater and scarf like many of the looks in the presentation, I added a basic T-shirt to my look. (Anyway, this season hasn’t been the least bit cold!) I’m particularly fond of this T-shirt that reads RAD because of it’s nod to CollegeFashionista. I finished off my look with my black booties and a bold lip—the perfect finishing touches for any December look!

Get My Look: 1. A show-stopping fluffy jacket. 2. A chic fringe skirt. 3. A comfy, RAD T-shirt.