STYLE GURU STYLE: (If Only I Had A Moschino) T-Shirt

At the Moschino resort 2015 show, Jeremy Scott did not fail to continue with his fun, iconic sense of design. In this collection, he designs his clothes with playfulness in mind. He keeps them open for the wearer’s interpretation, meaning they can play around and spice the clothes up or keep them runway perfect. By doing this, Scott is focused on the reaction to his clothes from the people who will wear them, not just the journalists or photographers analyzing them.

For me, his use of wordplay on his T-shirts is always my favorite. He incorporates the Moschino brand into all of them, and here again, allows for personal style to come through. I don’t own a Moschino shirt, so my Waylon Jennings shirt worked well enough. Since it was a warm day, I tucked the shirt into my high-waisted jean shorts, creating a simple outfit for hanging out on campus. I added a cool snapback hat and Nike Airmax sneakers to top the whole look off. By adding the hat and the cool sneakers, I incorporated my own personal style into a simple look that can either be recreated easily or played around with to accommodate a different type of style.

Jeremy Scott’s designs for Moschino inspire me to play around with iconic, somewhat superficial pieces. In fashion, most designers try to create completely different looks, but Scott plays around with trendy pieces and funky fabrics to add his own spin to it.

Get My Look: 1. A cool T-shirt. 2. A comfy pair of high-waisted shorts. 3. A baseball cap. 4. Nike Airmax sneakers.