If you’re reading this, yes, you made it through another treacherous spring semester, finals are over and sweet summer nights are upon us. My favorite thing about summer is that it is season for spontaneity. From unexpected road trips with your best friends to sitting underneath the stars with you summer fling, you’ll be wanting to look and feel your absolute best for whatever these next few months throw your way.

Quite frankly, being bold is in. From T-shirts with charming French sayings to witty and ironic purses, the best statement to make is a big one. With the graphic T-shirt trend on the rise, so is our love for its versatility and comfort which makes it the perfect piece for any summer ensemble. Whether you throw on this T-shirt with a pair of destroyed denim shorts over your bathing suit for an afternoon on the kayaks or pair it with a high-waisted skirt and heels for a girls night out, the statement you’ll be making with your graphic T-shirt will be sought after. When rocking a graphic T-shirt there is no need to sacrifice comfort in the name of fashion. Our favorite celebrities and even runway models, as seen in Moschino, get totally graphic when it comes to sporting this casual look.

If you’re considering the graphic T-shirt trend, don’t just stop with your top, layer your statement pieces to create a whole new spunky look. Keeping it casual in a graphic T-shirt this season will have you looking cool and feeling cooler. Stay stunning all summer long by being bold and playing with funky visuals.

Get My Look: 1. A bold graphic T-shirt. 2. An even bolder statement weekender tote. 3. A pair of colorful platform sandals.