Fur and chiffon are a match made in heaven. There’s nothing like a good contrast between different textures, and to create even more visual interests, a pattern with a neutral hue is added into the mix, creating a fashion forward look that is still comfortable and able to keep the cold away on those windy autumn days.

Céline’s fall 2014 ready-to-wear captures all these elements. The collection has inspired me to match fabric of different weight and texture, as well as feminine patterns with dark hues to create that glamorous gothic look. Phoebe Philo successfully creates a elegant and mysterious feel with thick fur and long skirts.

In the outfit that I am wearing, I chose to pair a long-sleeved teal chiffon dress shirt with a maxi wrap skirt to channel Céline’s gothic vibe. I particularly like the dress shirt because of the ruffles on the front because it creates volume which makes a sheer shirt much more fun. To create even more dimension, I chose to wear this black velvet jacket with a faux fur collar. Not only does the jacket go well with the dark colored skirt, it also keeps me very warm, something that I look for in fall and winter clothing.

This collection combines all things classic but glamorous. Fur and long skirts will never go out of style, and the combination of a delicate sheer shirt makes it refreshing and unique, something all Fashionistas aim for.

To further accentuate the dramatics of this outfit, I accessorized with some gold earrings. The bright yellow-gold color of the earrings will bring a touch of warmth back into the outfit, and make it more put together. The gold color is matched by the black booties from Zara which has gold zippers and buckles. The chunky metal contrasts nicely with the delicacy of the soft light fabric, and intensify the gothic vibe of the look.

Get My Look: 1. A thick jacket with fur detailing. 2. A sheer dress shirt. 3. Any patterned skirt.