STYLE GURU STYLE: Giving You the Cold Shoulder

January 31st, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Giving You the Cold Shoulder

One trend that I have really been into lately and seen a lot of is the tops that have sport shoulder cutouts. At first, I honestly did not get it. Why would you want your shoulders to be cold? Isn’t it uncomfortable to wear something like that? Well, after actually seeing it on, I was wrong. This trend is a comfortable, versatile, and girly way to change up a top.

My personal style has always revolved around simple and neutral colors such as black, white, white, and dark green. I have always been all about the darks. However, with this trend I am able to finally bring some life to my style without compromising my favorite colors to wear.

Another trend that has become a go-to in my closet is the classic boyfriend jeans. These jeans are comfortable, flattering, and chill which can be dressed up and down with a little effort.

My necklace is a staple in my everyday looks. The stone on my necklace is a dragon stone which I purchased at a local art show a few years ago. The dragon stone adds so much more to my look because of the meaning behind it, and makes it that much more unique. The meaning of the stone is that it gives you confidence and allows you to gain an audience’s attention.

To get my look, try to put together the following pieces. First, pick out your perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. Make those jeans look casual and put together by throwing on a cold shoulder top in a neutral color. Then, to pull the whole look together, grab dark-colored booties to draw attention to your legs and elongate them from the boyfriend jeans.